Personal computers and laptops become part and parcel of every body’s lifestyle these days. You can store and access the numerous numbers of data and files daily. At the same time laptops and PC’s become easy prey for hackers and viruses. The computer viruses are nothing but the malicious software program that destroys the system information by modifying the system code by inserting its own code. This may lead to system corruption or loss of data. In order to overcome this issue concept of developing anti-virus was introduced. Antivirus is nothing but the set of programs that are developed to prevent, detect and overcome the software viruses.

Norton setup:

The concept of antivirus came into existence in late 1980’s. Many companies started to develop their own anti-virus products. Of these Norton is one of the premier anti viruses developing company, which developed unique and standard antivirus software to protect the computer systems. It was developed in the year of 1991. It has its own features likes filtering of email spam and phishing protection. Not only antivirus but also Norton launches many user-friendly products.

How to install Norton setup:

There are some steps that need to be followed while installing the Norton setup. Here are they:

  • First, you need to download and install the Norton setup on your system
  • If you already have Norton account means you can sign-in directly. Otherwise, you need to create an account by clicking create account icon and then complete the sign – up process
  • Click download Norton in the Norton setup window then enter the product key.
  • After entering the product key click
  • Then click agree and continue. If you need to download other products from Norton you can click next otherwise you can click finish icon
  • Depending on your browser you need to do the different set of actions. For chrome, double-click the file that you have downloaded on the bottom left corner. For Firefox or safari it’s top right corner and for internet explorer, you need to click Run option.
  • User control window will appear click continue and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Your Norton product is installed and activated and it’s ready to use.

Norton Management:

Norton management will list the Norton software’s that are installed your systems. It will manage your Norton account by managing the subscriptions, retrieving the product key activations and downloading the Norton products. Here are the lists of things that you can do/manage in your Norton account:

  • Adding or removing a device from your Norton account
  • Helps you to install a Norton device on your system
  • View and fix the security issues and security status of the device
  • Purchasing and renewing the product key
  • Upgrading your Norton product to new latest versions.
  • Managing the account information
  • Setting up the email notification and receiving email alerts when the system is at risks.
  • Managing your billing information.
  • Acting the Norton product by using another Norton product key.

Norton provides the user – friendly and unique products for your system. It is easy to install and manage. Use it and enjoy the experience.