Nowadays there are various sources available online which helps you to keep updated. Almost half of the people use the laptop for their own and personal purpose. In that case, you need to protect your personal computer using some software products available online. You can manage your personal computer using the Norton product.

Downloading and installing Norton Software to your PC or desktop is very easy. It can be added to your new device using your Norton account. The Norton account may provide you with the right enhancement in dealing with the right ones. If you are unaware of the instructions regarding installing or reinstalling the Software, just go through the instructions given here.

There are diverse sites for purchasing the right Norton Software. After receiving the Norton product from your service provider, just follow the below instruction. It helps you to keep your system compact and safe. These steps help you to have a smooth transition to the software installation.

Step 1:

The first step is to sign in Norton using your system.

Step 2:

If you do not have the account in Norton website, just sign up and fix up your password for the Norton account.

Step 3:

After signing into the Norton software, click Download Norton icon. The main thing is that when you do not have any product key registered, then continue by clicking “Enter a new product key”.

After clicking on the new product key, just type it and click continue.

Step 4:

A user can come along with many Norton Products accounts. Therefore, it is essential to choose the product you ought to download. After choosing the right product, click next.

If your desired product is not in the list, just click “load more” and click the right product you ought to download.

On the other case, when you are looking for the Norton Software download for other system, you can avail for the download link. Using the download link, you can download the Norton software by clicking the link.

Step 5:

In this case, if your desktop browser supports internet explorer or Microsoft Edge browser, then you can just click Run.

If you use Mozilla Firefox or Safari, then you should click the download option at the top-right corner of the browser. It lists the downloaded files. Double click the Norton software file you need to install.

Chrome users can double-click the file downloaded on the bottom left corner of the laptop or PC.

Step 6:

When you encounter the situation of User Account Control, then you can click Continue button. After clicking “Continue”, you are advised to follow the instructions flashed on the PC’s screen.

Finally, your Norton product has now installed and activated on your device successfully.


Beyond various software products, it is necessary for the people to undertake the right manifestation. The plethora of sites available may help you to find a right route in clarifying your doubts. Make your selection sensible by downloading the Norton Software for your laptop or PC.