Antivirus software is necessary to prevent the system from malware attacks. Installing an antivirus can help the device perform better. When a virus enters the system, the antivirus will detect its entry and will provide us an alert. Once the alert is received, the file or data in which the malware is present will be deleted.

Norton ( is an antivirus software specially programmed to provide security. It prevents the system or device from malware or other viruses. Installing this software in your device can help you in detecting the threats. It scans your system and check if any threats present. When you install a new software in your mobile or computer then automatically the scanning process will be started. If any malware, spyware, viruses and worms found the antivirus will send an indication.

In order use Norton in your device, you have to download and install the Norton system first. By following the given steps you can easily use the Norton antivirus in your device.

  • Register or sign in to
  • Click on Norton setup window
  • Enter the product key
  • Select the auto renewal services
  • Start enjoying Norton services

These simple steps will let you setup the device with Norton. You can enjoy Norton antivirus security. You can also select the backup option to make your data more secure. The backup information can be useful in case of lost data. Or simply you can use the Norton antivirus software without any backup options.